What is a Life Coach Hack?

What is a life coach hack? Some life coaches understand life hacks and how to incorporate them into their practices yet others haven’t begun to use simple hacks that make life easier! What is a Hack? In the old days, a “hack” was someone who didn’t do a very good job at something. Most of […]
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10 Most Popular Articles of 2016, 5 Most Downloaded Free Resources & Top Products of 2016!

Originally Posted on The Coaching Tools Company as 10 Most Popular Articles of 2016, 5 Most Downloaded Free Resources & Top Products of 2016!

OK, so we reviewed our articles and blog posts for the year, looking at comments and shares social media likes and clickthroughs from various sources! It's not an exact science, but we did our best! The big surprise? How popular infographics are - so we plan to create a few more in 2017 🙂

We now have over 21,000 newsletter readers from 175 different countries. Wow - coaching really is now utterly international!

Here are the Top 10 Articles from 2016! Enjoy:

  1. (Infographic) Does Life Coaching Really Work? Coaching Benefits Your Clients Should Know! This was by far our most popular post from last year (see right)
  2. Documentary Review: "Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru" (lots of discussion)
  3. How I Found My Perfect Coaching Niche & The Question That Helped! (beautiful, inspiring story)
  4. 10 SMART and Unusual Goal-Setting & Action Planning Tips (Infographic)
  5. How to Use Byron Katie's "The Work" to Breakdown Your Inner Critic! (inspiring)
  6. REFRESH Your Life! 9 Coaching Questions & Journaling Prompts (Infographic)
  7. 4 Ways Writing Retreats Offer Soulful Renewal & Inspiration (journaling inspiration)
  8. 5 Things to Know About Sample Sessions & One Way to Get Better at Them (helpful)
  9. How to Create an Active Facebook Group & Learning Community (doable tips)
  10. How to Use Journalling to Help Clients Overcome Their Inner Bully! (great tips)

Our Most Popular - Top 5 - Free Downloads of 2016:

This is more of an exact science! Here are our top free resources from last year:

  1. Wheel of Life Template with Instructions    (downloaded almost 35,000 times!)
  2. Client Info Sheet TEMPLATE    (almost 19,000 times)
  3. 21 Questions to Extraordinary Goal-Setting    (16,797 times)
  4. Intake Session TEMPLATE Checklist    (16,150 times)
  5. BLANK Coaching Wheel    (14,084 times)

And our Most Popular - Top 5 - Products of 2016:

And finally, here are our biggest sellers from last year:

  1. Coaching Tools & Exercises MEGAPack! - All our life and career coaching tools in one place
  2. Welcome Pack Toolkit - Get started with a new client
  3. Renew YOU, Love Your Life! Coaching Program - New last year, a 3 month program including guides & marketing materials
  4. Small Business Coaching Toolkit - 30 great coaching tools organized into helpful areas with guide
  5. Extraordinary Goal-Setting Toolkit - 9 awesome goal-setting tools and exercises (currently on special!)


I hope you enjoyed this summary! For our latest articles visit the Coaching Blog or go here to Sign-up for our newsletter!





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Create The Money Coach Institute

The Money Coach Institute doesn’t come up in a Google search. I found the Money Coaching Institute with a Google search, but Money Coach institute looks to be available as a business name. Time to really ramp up your career and become a coach who coaches the coaches. Are You a Money Coach? If you’ve […]
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What is Executive Coaching Honesty?

What is executive coaching honesty? What does it mean to be honest in your executive coaching sessions? Being Honest Takes Some Finesse as an Executive Coach Some coaches can be brutally honest – just say it like it is any way, and in any manner you like. Athletic coaches come to mind – they can […]
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Creative Coaching: Tools, Tips and Techniques – published in choice Magazine

Originally Posted on The Coaching Tools Company as Creative Coaching: Tools, Tips and Techniques - published in choice Magazine

The recent issue of choice Magazine was all about Creativity in Coaching, Tools, Tips and Techniques!

And Emma-Louise Elsey's is the featured article!

"Creative Coaching: Tools, Tips and Techniques"
by Emma-Louise Elsey

Published in choice Magazine, Volume 14, Number 4

Included in this article: what is a coaching tool, 10 types of coaching tools & exercises, how coaching tools help your clients, the benefits of coaching tools for the coach and more!

Read the article in full: Creative Coaching: Tools, Tips and Techniques .pdf  by Emma-Louise Elsey

Article Excerpts:

  • "Nothing in my life has been quite so humbling as growing my coaching business. When I started 12 years ago I thought it would be easy... "
  • "So, what do I mean by coaching tool? I like to use lighthearted, visually appealing, printable forms that get clients away from technology and distractions. This kind of coaching tool or exercise shares information and asks questions to help clients raise their self-awareness around particular topics - and witness themselves."

Article in full here: Creative Coaching: Tools, Tips and Techniques .pdf by Emma-Louise Elsey

About choice Magazine:

choice, is the premier magazine for professional coaching. Published quarterly, you can choose to have a glossy colour magazine delivered right to your door - or receive the digital edition. Learn more about choice Magazine here

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How to Increase the Salary of a Fitness Coach

The average salary of a fitness coach is nothing to write home about. Many people work part time as fitness coaches and instructors, and this inevitably brings the national salary average down. What is the Average Salary of a Fitness Coach? Glassdoor lists the national average as $22,000, but some areas can make more. In […]
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Is There a Need for a Volunteer Coaching Certification?

I don’t know if there is such a thing as a volunteer coaching certification, but if there isn’t, it might be something a coaching program should consider. Volunteer coaches are everywhere, especially in youth sports. Having these generous volunteers earn a certification, and learn the skills and knowledge that goes along with being certified can […]
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7 Tips for Effective Coaching

Coaching can be a challenging endeavor and any tips for effective coaching can be helpful. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a coach for thirty years or you’re just starting out in the business, learning new and effective tips is beneficial. The more you know, the better coach you will be! 7 Tips for Effective […]
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Reduce Overwhelm & Feel Great with this “Journaling for Success” Practice | By Lynda Monk

Originally Posted on The Coaching Tools Company as Reduce Overwhelm & Feel Great with this "Journaling for Success" Practice | By Lynda Monk

This time of year, there's a big focus on resolutions and goals. Goals like losing weight, getting fit, de-cluttering, cleansing, growing their business/career, taking a dream trip, journaling more, writing a book, sparking more romance in our relationship, moving beyond procrastination, letting go of perfection, forgiving someone or ourselves, making more money, saving more money, being happier and many more.

Until turned into goals, these are ideas really - loosely held possibilities; if all the stars align, courage comes, willpower stays and a boost of inspiration flows at just the right time.

Now, as a Virgo, organization is my thing. And I love goals and goal setting. Dreaming big. Planning it all out. Making lists, mind maps, and a calendar filled with coloured post-it-notes to see all my intentions and activities out in front of me. I have more pens, papers, folders, systems than your average office supply store. And I have tons of journals. I also have affirmations, quotations, heart cards like this one: "Reclaim your power and regain your freedom" and more taped to my walls, desk and throughout the pages of my journal. I am an inspiration junkie!

I also love to learn, attend teleseminars, webinars, courses - both in-person and online.  I read every day. My mind is constantly being filled with new ideas, new knowledge, and some old ideas that feel new. Information and inspiration are fuel for my goals!

Systems, Inspiration, Learning and...

So I have systems, inspiration and learning. And I also take a lot of ACTION.  I get lots of things done in the average day - serve clients, create new things, write, run my business, care for our sons, our dog, love my husband, talk to my mom most nights, try to keep up with friends, exercise regularly, eat healthily and more.

All good, right?

Well, after a lot of soul searching and journaling, I realized I wasn't getting the RESULTS I want. I wasn't achieving my most important goals. I'm busy doing lots of things all the time, but not necessarily focused on the right things - key actions in service to my top priority goals.

And it came down to overwhelm. Information overload. Not enough down time or still moments. Having too many goals, and some goals that don't light my fire. Being spread too thin. Not paying enough attention to how I want to feel along the way. Does this sound familiar?

So, how do we get the RESULTS we want?

There are always obstacles along the path to being and doing our best. Overcoming these is how we grow and succeed.

I realized that in order to achieve my most inspired, specific and meaningful goals, I have to take the RIGHT ACTION consistently. And that needs to align with how I want to feel in life and my business.

Consistent action towards a very specific goal and desired feelings = Results, Balance and Success!

So I created something new to help me achieve my goals and take the right actions - a simple process that keeps me on track, helps me prioritize and keeps me accountable.

I doubled my revenue using this "Journaling for Success" practice as a key tool to ensure my actions and behaviours aligned with accomplishing my top priority goals and desired feelings.

Here are the 5 Steps of the "Journaling for Success" practice:

  1. Reduce the number of goals you want to achieve at any given time. In other words, plan to achieve less!
  2. Get really clear on your top priority goals. These are the goals that will make the biggest positive difference in your life, vitality, joy and business.
  3. Focus on this simple truth, "If I want to achieve different results, I have to change my behaviour". There's no way around it. If I want to lose weight (which I did last year - 20 lbs) I need to exercise more (daily) and eat less. If I want to earn more revenue in my business (which I do) then I have to market wisely and consistently (daily). And on it goes!
  4. Each day ask yourself, "Do I like the results I'm getting?" and spend 5 minutes or so journaling your response.
  5. If you notice you don't like the results you're getting (or not getting!) then ask yourself, "What behaviours do I need to change? What do I need to start doing, and/or what do I need to stop doing in order to achieve the results I want?" Then spend a few minutes journaling your responses to these questions and course correct based on the answers you receive from within. Tip: These answers always come when you give time and space to listen within and write - your inner wise guide is always available to you!

This simple check-in and reflective journaling practice not only helped me get really clear on my goals, but also helped me to simplify them. And it helped me stay focused on taking the right actions that lead to the results I desire.

Try it!  I hope this "Journaling for Success" practice will help you achieve your most inspired and meaningful goals for this year and beyond!

Lastly, remember to be kind and compassionate with yourself. Don't beat yourself up for not taking action. Simply pause and ask yourself, "What do I need to have success with this?" Maybe you need more support, a heart to heart conversation, a buddy system, a bigger "why" (more motivation for achieving your goal). Whatever it might be you need, seek it and move towards your deepest desires and goals – one action step at a time!

Additional Reflective Journaling Prompts

You may also like to use these reflective journaling prompts to help you get clear on your goals, desired feelings and support needed.

  • What are your top 3 goals at this time in your life? Write them down.
  • Why is this goal important to you?
  • How do you want to feel?  For example, I wanted to release weight (20 lbs) because I wanted to feel energized, fit, healthy and at my personal best. I want to grow my business because I want to feel more free and prosperous, and like I am having a greater impact and reach with the work that I do.
  • How will attaining this goal help you feel that way? Tip: Our desired feelings propel us to take action!
  • How will you know you have achieved this goal? Be specific.
  • What will be different (better) when you achieve this goal (desired feeling)?
  • What supports do you need to achieve success?
  • And finally, we can't get different results by doing the same things – change is essential! So, how will you celebrate your wins and acknowledge your success towards your goals (desired feelings) along the way?


You are powerful. You can achieve anything you put your mind to. You can feel how you want to feel. You can take the necessary actions to achieve your goals (no matter how big or small your goal might be, they just have to matter to YOU). You deserve to achieve your deepest desires and highest dreams. You are enough! You can do this - whatever "this" means to you. Your goals - your happiness, health and fulfillment matter!

Lynda Monk 2017 HeadshotContributing Author: Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC is the founder of Creative Wellness. She regularly speaks, coaches and teaches about the healing and transformational power of expressive writing. Lynda is the author of Life Source Writing™: A Reflective Journaling Practice for Self-Discovery, Self-Care, Wellness and Creativity, as well as co-author of Writing Alone Together: Journalling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion & Connection. Get your Free Writing for Wellness Kit and explore how writing can help you thrive!

And if you're you drawn to take some time for yourself, join Lynda on a guided "Renew You" Virtual Writing Retreat (next date Sunday April 30 2017). Create, write, reflect and replenish, nourish your mind, body and spirit! Accessed by phone from the comfort of your own home you can wear your jammies, snuggle up with your favourite blanket, a cup of tea or coffee, your journal and favourite pen and be guided into the heart and art of transformational journaling and expressive writing. Learn more here >>

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