Happy Holidays 2017! | With Inspirational Quote from Louise Hay

Originally Posted on The Coaching Tools Company as Happy Holidays 2017! | With Inspirational Quote from Louise Hay

With the holidays almost upon us, I wish for all of us to love and accept ourselves as we are! And here is a beautiful quote from Louise Hay (who passed on in 2017) to help:

In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete, I no longer choose to believe in old limitations and lack, I now choose to begin to see myself as the Universe sees me - perfect, whole, and complete." Louise Hay

Happy Holidays to you and yours,
with love and best wishes,

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PS. If you haven't already, grab your Holiday Thank-you Gift to "Celebrate YOU! What Makes You SHINE?"

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The Time is Right to Become a Personal Fitness Coach

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Your 2017 Holiday Gift from The Coaching Tools Company.com!

Originally Posted on The Coaching Tools Company as Your 2017 Holiday Gift from The Coaching Tools Company.com!

At The Coaching Tools Company.com we love coaches and coaching! This year, to celebrate the work you do as a coach, we've created a holiday "Thank-you" gift coaching tool to help you ponder and review what makes YOU unique and special - and then create a new belief to take with you into 2018! You work hard to help others - it's time to appreciate YOU!

It's time to Celebrate YOU!

EmmaLouiseElseyBWsmallWe love coaches! This year's Holiday Thank-you Gift "Celebrate You! What Makes You Shine?" is a brand new .pdf coaching exercise to help hard-working coaches like you celebrate themselves. Enjoy!

Woman Holding Sparkler Holiday Gift 2017 Image

What makes you shine? How are you a gem? Find out with this year's Holiday Gift!

Click here to get yours >>



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Celebrate YOUR Achievements with These 7 Coaching Questions! Graphic (updated)

Originally Posted on The Coaching Tools Company as Celebrate YOUR Achievements with These 7 Coaching Questions! Graphic (updated)

Updated For You to Enjoy & Share!

We made this graphic for you, your clients, fans (and for us too!) to celebrate your achievements over the past year - and honour you!

What to do:

  • Set aside 20-30 minutes of quiet time. Grab a pen and your journal, a notebook or piece of paper and use these questions to reflect and review how the past year has gone! Give yourself a pat on the back before setting goals and moving into the new year.

Think your fans and followers will find this helpful? We'd love you to "Pin" or "Share"!


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Instagram to Grow Your Coaching Business (with Michelle McGuire)

Nicola Grace, the Mission Mentor, explains how to define your personal brand - and I'm pretty sure that what she has to say is not only new but it will blow your mind, like it did mine. Enjoy the show!
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