EPISODE 13- Should You Send Daily Emails? (with Marc Mawhinney)

In EPISODE 13, Marc Mawhinney shares his experience emailing his subscriber list every day for over a year. Discover the benefits of this marketing strategy for your coaching business. And get tips on how you can get started. Enjoy the show!
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7 Ways You can Help Leaders Enhance Their Confidence | By Delaney Tosh

Originally Posted on The Coaching Tools Company as 7 Ways You can Help Leaders Enhance Their Confidence | By Delaney Tosh

When someone reaches a place in their career where they've earned the title of 'leader', it's easy to assume they must inhabit, better than the rest of us, that golden space we yearn to know: Confidence. And golden that space is… in our minds, anyway. The confident person doesn't fret about saying or doing the wrong thing or lose sleep, and handles sticky situations and difficult people with aplomb. Leadership and confidence go hand in hand, right?

Not so, according to the research. In fact, the opposite is true for many. The more responsibility we gain or the grander the job title, the more we may doubt our abilities and look to outside sources to model leadership style.

In this article we're going to harness confidence research and your coaching tools.

When coaching a client who is growing in her career, it's important to tease out her experience and beliefs about her confidence. While the coaching focus may be to develop specific skills, a client's confidence and beliefs about "what it is to be a leader" could work against the goals they're trying to achieve, and bog down the coaching progress. Moreover, your client's ability to engender trust and lead strong teams suffers should they show up as inauthentic when basing their style on misguided beliefs of what it is to be a leader.

The good news is that coaches are uniquely positioned to help their clients bust through myths held about being a confident leader. And we have the coaching tools to help leaders enhance their confidence. But first, let's discuss common myths and look at what evidence-based research tells us about confidence.

Two Prominent Myths about Confidence:

  1. Confidence is innate
  2. You can fake it until you make it

Myth #1: Confidence is innate

Myths about confidence abound. And one of the biggest is that confidence is innate - you either have it or you don't. This myth is busted by recent research showing that even those who we assume to be very confident, those holding high-ranking positions of great responsibility, admit that on many occasions they quake in their boots.

People grow in confidence by doing and then learning.

In their book, "The Confidence Code", Katty Kay and Claire Shipman spoke with neuroscientists and psychologists researching aspects of confidence and human behaviour whose findings indicate that confidence is linked to what we believe - and doing.

You have to believe you have the capacity to succeed, you have to take action, to be willing to learn from mistakes, seeing them as stepping stones to succeeding, and you have to build your mastery through practice while learning through failures.

People who seemingly lack confidence may hold a belief in their own lack of effectiveness. They believe they aren't capable; therefore they avoid challenges, take the easy route, and dwell on negative results.

Myth #2: You can fake it until you make it

There is a distinction between believing in yourself and faking confidence. Those who fake it until they make it are actually working against themselves. When you feel inauthentic, you tend to also feel out of integrity, and this can feed your self-doubt. When you constantly second guess yourself, your ability to make effective, efficient decisions is stymied.

Here are 7 Tools & Techniques to Help Leaders Enhance Their Confidence

1. Find out what your client believes about being a confident leader

Understand what your client believes about being a confident leader and tease out the distinctions. Get curious:

  1. Where do your client's beliefs come from?
  2. How does your client show up when operating from this belief?
  3. What is their saboteur having them believe about themself, about their construct around confidence and leadership?

It may help to explore what confidence is - and is not:

Confidence is:

  • Assertiveness
  • Listening
  • Creating structure and boundaries
  • Speaking up more, being forthright and honest
  • Belief in self and in your capacity to master something
  • Action - trying despite doubt, taking the chance
  • Efficient decision-making
  • Feeling comfortable
  • Having an appetite for challenge
  • Not letting difficulties stop you

Confidence is Not:

  • Aggressiveness, being pushy
  • Self-aggrandizing, blustering, talking over others
  • Condescension
  • About being liked, being nice
  • Ruminating - agonizing over doubts, internalizing set-backs
  • Desire without action
  • Hesitancy

The power of belief:

According to Dr. Richard Petty, professor of psychology at Ohio State University, when we're confident we turn our thoughts into judgments about what we're capable of and then we transform those judgments into actions.

When we're confident those thoughts and judgments are likely to be supportive or positive. But it works both ways, doesn't it? When we're lacking confidence those thoughts and judgments of what we're capable of are holding us back.

So, confidence is really about choosing better thoughts - saying to yourself, "I am capable" and "if I try this I might fail, but I will learn and succeed from that failure".

What you focus your attention on grows:

Most of our clients are incredibly capable. The only thing holding them back is their belief that they're not. In fact psychologist, Dr. Zachary Estes at the University of Milan found that people tend to be capable of mastering something - even if they don't believe they're capable. And when doubters were told, or told themselves, a positive message about their capacity to do something, they performed better in tasks.

Research shows that women, in particular, tend to doubt and downplay their abilities, so it's important to watch for this tendency and help them lean into thoughts about their capacity instead.

"Where you put your attention is what will grow" seems a quaint notion, but Dr. Sarah Shomstein, neuroscientist at George Washington University, says research shows this is true! Focusing on something with our thoughts does, indeed, make it more likely we will take action in that direction.

So help your clients focus their thinking on their strengths and their capacity to meet challenges successfully.

2. Identify Values

Values are the foundation of confident action. When coaching a new client, we tend to begin with values identification and this is a perfect starting place when coaching leaders too.

Coaches have many tools to support our clients in clarifying and living into their values. Helping your client identify, clarify and put her values into action in her day-to-day leadership is a powerful way to support her in practicing, failing, learning and gaining mastery in many foundational skills, such as clear communication and listening, being forthright, engagement, trusting (i.e. not micro-managing), and decision-making.

The research in confidence and leadership clearly shows that being in action is the key to building confidence. When your client feels they are showing up authentically, they will feel more positive about their abilities and experience less doubt. Putting values into action is the foundation.

3. Work with the Saboteur

  • Identify where your client's saboteur shows up and what it has her believe.
  • Then help your client tap into her inner sage, instead of her saboteur.
  • Check out Shirzad Chamine's book and his website quiz on positiveintelligence.com.

4. Help your client rewire for action

Work with self-awareness and interpersonal awareness to help your client rewire for action, especially in situations they find challenging:

  • What does your client feel in these situations?
  • How do they react?
  • What are the underlying beliefs at play?
  • How does your client abandon their values?
  • What are other perspectives they could employ?

5. Recognize and reframe negative thoughts

Design homework that has your client notice negative thoughts and help them learn to recognize and reframe them.

Perhaps draw on Byron Katie's work to help your client question these thoughts to counteract ingrained beliefs, self-judgments and judgments of others. Listen for where your client can draw on their internal resource of self-compassion to allow them to develop a sturdier emotional safety net and be more accepting of weaknesses or failures rather than ruminating on them.

6. Work with your client to create a set of guiding questions for moments of difficulty

Help your client create a set of guiding questions to use when faced with challenging decisions.

Guiding questions are a useful structure to enhance efficiency in making difficult decisions. These can be values-based and include questions to help them feel secure they are looking at all the angles and making judgments based on values, vision, organizational and team objectives, environmental factors, input and insight.

7. Take bold action

Action learning - support your client in designing actions that may be challenging, but will forward learning. To support your client in mastery, be sure to debrief their actions and deepen the learning around failures or successes.

Confidence is like a muscle, built through action, and the confidence we get from mastery is contagious.


These are just a handful of the broad range of tools coaches have to support leaders in developing confidence.

Confidence comes from gaining mastery through action, changing belief patterns and self-talk, and learning to embrace failure while avoiding rumination on weaknesses and doubts. Our coach training gives us unique insight into what supports people to honour and act authentically from values and vision and to squelch their saboteur voices.

I'll leave you with a question: What can you design with your clients to help them build their confidence muscle?

For further reading on leadership, confidence and coaching tools, check out:

  1. The Confidence Code; Kay, K. & Shipman, C.
  2. Leadership Presence: Halpern; B.L. & Lubar, K.
  3. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway; Jeffers, S.
  4. Daring Greatly; Brown, B.
  5. The Work; Katie, B.
  6. Positive Intelligence; Chamine, S.
  7. Mindful Leadership; Gonzalez, M.

Delaney Tosh Headshot

Contributing author: Delaney Tosh, CPCC, PCC, coaches emerging leaders who want to live the vision they hold for themselves: that of the creative, confident, authentic, compassionate leader. Her clients tend to have a streak of independence and see themselves as unique. They have a strong desire to learn and lead with panache, become known for stand-out work and teams that rock. Delaney has an insatiable appetite for research and is in her element when distilling that research into useable tactics her clients can put into action quickly. Find out more at Square Peg Leadership.


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How to Use Group Coaching To Enhance Leadership Development | By Jennifer Britton

Originally Posted on The Coaching Tools Company as How to Use Group Coaching To Enhance Leadership Development | By Jennifer Britton

Coaching provides many options to grow and groom the next cohort of leaders. And organizations across the public and private sector, small business and start-ups are all adding group coaching to their leadership development programming; they see coaching as a great way to enhance and accelerate leadership development.

Coaching's focus on goals and accountability helps create a leadership culture that supports ongoing learning, increased awareness and identifying actions for emerging, new and seasoned leaders. Group coaching can be a supplement to and/or an integral part of the leadership development process.

Group coaching conversations typically bring together small groups of peers in ongoing coaching conversations. Whether virtual or in person, group coaching is usually an intimate conversation space with most groups ranging from 4-8 people, although in person coaching groups can be as large as 15 (the maximum size the ICF considers to be group coaching).

Group Coaching for Leaders provides a number of core benefits including:

  • Development and enhanced self-awareness for both new and seasoned leaders
  • Providing a focus on people's leadership goals and development opportunities.
  • Development of new relationships and networks with other leaders in the organization.
  • The application and integration of new leadership skills and concepts, enabling a "living leadership lab".

Positioning Group Coaching to Enhance Leadership Development

Within organizations, there are many ways group coaching can be used to promote leadership and enhance leadership development. Some of the ways group coaching can do this include:

  • Creating a stand-alone group coaching program in which groups of leaders (usually 4 - 12) are brought together for regular group coaching conversations. These conversations could be every 2 weeks, monthly, every 3/6 months or annually.
  • Extending the learning and conversation following existing leadership training and curricula.
  • Embedding Group Coaching into leadership development For example if leadership workshops are held quarterly, virtual group coaching calls can be scheduled monthly to provide a focused space for peers to be in dialogue around the learning and integration of new skills and insights.

Group Coaching Approaches for Leadership Development

There are a range of methods or approaches to coach leaders in organizations - one size certainly "doesn't fit all" when it comes to groups. And it's a fallacy to think that only one approach or model which will meet the diverse realities of groups and wide range of industries today.

Some of the coaching methods or approaches that coaches can use include:

1) Laser Coaching in Groups

One at a time, a leader experiences short laser-like one-on-one coaching with the coach, in front of other group members. This conversation may only last 7 -15 minutes. The focus of this coaching is dependent on the leader and may involve a current business challenge or opportunity. If laser coaching is used, each group member should have the opportunity to be coached.

2) A Weekly Theme or Focus Shaped by the Client/Organizational Priorities

This is one of the more popular areas and I mention some of these themes below. The thematic approach offers us the opportunity to bring in different questions and coaching processes into the group space. For example, doing some work around values as a leader might involve a values checklist or leaders sharing their own peak experiences with each other.

3) Collaborative Activities

The focus in group coaching doesn’t always have to be on the individual leader. Groups shape their own cultures, and for some groups the collaborative learning process, steeped in peer sharing may be the central focus.

Recurrent Themes in Leadership Group Coaching

Part of the dynamic of group coaching is the co-created focus between the group and the coach. In addition to Leaders' individual learning plans and goals, the leadership group or organization may be interested in exploring a wide range of themes during the group coaching conversations. These could include:

1) Vision

As with many of our clients, leaders are eager to explore vision. It could be their vision, their team's vision, the organizational vision. Consider what tools and approaches you have for working with vision.

2) Leadership Styles

Questions you can ask include, What's my style as a leader? How does my style support my team? How does it hinder them?

Coaches may also draw on a wide variety of style related assessments for example "Everything DiSC", MBTI and the Personal Styles Inventory.

3) Values

Values are a core area for exploration. Questions you might consider when group coaching leaders include:

  • What's important to me as a leader?
  • What's important to my team – individually? Collectively?
  • What do values look like behaviorally in action?

4) Strengths

Don't assume that all leaders know their strengths. Whether you use VIA Strengths, StrengthsFinder 2.0 or something else, strengths are a rich area for exploration with all levels of leaders. Questions to explore include:

  • How are leaders using strengths?
  • How are they enabling their team to use their strengths?
  • What strengths are being overleveraged and becoming blindspots?

5) Leadership Competencies

Many organizations invest heavily in developing their own leadership competency model. Group Coaching can provide the opportunity for groups of leaders to explore leadership competencies in greater depth and consider how to put them into action.

6) Other areas group coaches may find themselves coaching include:

  • Difficult conversations
  • Presence
  • Growth edges
  • Confidence
  • Building your network.


This article just touches the tip of the iceberg in this area ripe with evolving best practices and opportunities.

I'll leave you with this question: What are the next steps you are going to undertake in considering how group coaching can support, and accelerate, the capacity development of the leaders and organizations you work with?


Stay tuned this summer for the launch of Jennifer's newest book, Effective Virtual Conversations. It's due out by the end of July and you can sign up here for the latest updates and bonuses

Contributing author: Jennifer Britton is well known for her work in the group and team coaching arenas and is passionate about helping others excel in their work with teams and groups. Jennifer is the author of Effective Group Coaching (Wiley, 2009) and From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching (Jossey-Bass, 2014). In addition to offering ICF approved Continuing Coach Education, she also is the creator of the Conversation Sparker Cards™.  Jennifer is a Prism Award Winner for her work in developing a coaching culture within the healthcare sector, of which questions were a big part. Join Jenn for an upcoming Mentor Coaching Group for ACC/PCC.


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Originally Posted on The Coaching Tools Company as SAVE THE DATE: 35% off EVERYTHING - at our 6th Annual Fireworks Sale! (runs from June 26th to July 4th)


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